Sensitive Stomach: Tuesday's Pick

Delicious sampler of hypoallergenic dog treats and chews for dogs sensitive to beef and chicken.

Sometimes beef and chicken products just don't agree with Fido's tummy. If that's the case, introduce your dog to the Sensitive Stomach BullyBox, full of satisfying treats without the upset stomach! A more selective diet doesn't mean your dog has to miss out on the good stuff! Lamb, a low fat and hypo-sensitive protein source, is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Tuesday, a black Great Dane, was adopted from Wounded Warrior Danes, a group by Wounded Warrior Project to provide companion dogs to wounded veterans. "Little Tuesday" is still a puppy and growing by leaps and bounds every day! She loves taking her human friends for walks, napping at her mom's feet, and gobbling up treats as often as her parents will let her!

Inside each Sensitive Stomach BullyBox, you will find:
• One Cod Skin Twist
• One Lamb Ear
• One Lamb Weasand
• Two Yummy Yams Sweet Potato Treats

* Specially made for dogs allergic to beef or chicken

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