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Protein-Packed: Rogue's Pick

Picture of Protein-Packed: Rogue's Pick
Picture of Protein-Packed: Rogue's Pick
BullyBox dog treat sampler with four 100% beef bully stick dog chews in a variety of shapes and sizes for maximum chewing pleasure!

Did someone say MEAT?! Whether your dog is always on the go or loves to lounge, our little carnivores thrive on a high-protein diet. Rogue, a favorite office dog at the BestBullySticks headquarters, is a rescue dog from a kill shelter in Georgia. He really appreciates you helping out other rescue dogs like him! Rogue relishes his bully sticks and other protein-packed chews as often as his parents will let him! He's even been known to kick around a treat with his nose and then do a happy dance around the house-- talk about chew-phoria!

Treats in Rogue's Protein-Packed BullyBox, like all of our single-ingredient treats, are fully digestible and contain no preservatives, fillers, or chemicals. Introduce your dog to the chew-phoria that is BestBullySticks with tasty dog chews!

Inside each Protein-Packed BullyBox, you will find:
• Two 6 Inch Thin Bully Sticks
• One Bully Stick Coin
• One 3 Inch Bully Stick Ring
• Two 4 Inch Bully Sticks

* We recommend feeding your dog no more than one bully stick a day due to its high-protein content.

Qty: $8.95 Free Shipping