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Mover & Shaker: Bunnykin's Pick

Picture of Mover & Shaker: Bunnykin's Pick
Picture of Mover & Shaker: Bunnykin's Pick
Filled with natural beef dog treats and chews supporting joint health for active dogs of all ages.

Bunnykins is a happy little Pembroke Welsh Corgi affectionately called “Funny Bunny” and “Chicken Dog.” She loves to eat, especially BestBullySticks treats! We named the Mover & Shaker box after her because she loves to dance, do tricks, and chase squirrels.

Bunnykins’ pick, the Mover & Shaker BullyBox, features BestBullySticks dog treat favorites as well as a few of our lesser known but super healthy treats! The tasty chews we’ve selected promote healthy bones and mobility and are also great for dogs’ teeth. Curly and regular bully sticks provide a challenge to dogs while scraping away plaque and tartar. The Stuffed Aorta chew and Closed Beef Jerky are rich in chondroitin for joint health. Whether your dog’s a senior or still a puppy, healthy bones are necessary at any life stage!

Inside each Mover & Shaker BullyBox, you will find:
• One Curly Bully Stick
• One 6 Inch Odor Free Bully Stick
• One Small Stuffed Aorta
• One 6 Inch Closed Beef Jerky
• Four Bully Bites

* We recommend feeding your dog no more than one bully stick a day due to its high-protein content.

Qty: $8.95 Free Shipping